With NANO WIPER - excellent visibility!



This unique nanotechnology product provides the car windshield water-repellent characteristics. Driving in the rain using
the NANO WIPERS keeps the windshield fairly clear similarly to the dry weather without the necessity to use the classical wipers. Spraying water and the mud from other cars do not affect the view from the car – all that can be called "using the invisible windshield wipers".

This nano wipers is evoked by the nano-film on the glass surface that repels both water and dirt.

Falling raindrops immediately create so-called pearl effect and at the car speed app. over 60km/h slide off the glass away.

Using the nano windshield wiper helps to increase the ride safety.

The self cleaning effect appear also during the rain or water splash – the running drops „attache” the dirt and fall from the glass. The glass, covered by the nano-film enables to remove the sprawled insects easily, as well as the ice rating during the winter period.
The layer is resistant to chemical materials up to the pH 13.
The nano coating saves from influence of bad weather, chemical and mechanical influences and from UV rays.

This product NANO WIPERS can be applied mainly on car glasses and headlights or painted body sheet (for its self-cleaning features). To prolong the nano-effect it is recommended to degrease the windshield at least every 5000 km - thin film of aerial „grease” is covers car body during car use. Any kind of standard car cleaner that includes alcohol can be used to degrease it.

demo function Nano wipers about product NANO WIPER Producer of protective coatings

Application – see the instructions on the enclosed product leaflet. The app. service life is app. 18-24 months of for windshield and app. 3 years for other surfaces.


Using NANO WINDSHIELD WIPER at the speed over 60 km/h you gain:


Liquid NANO WIPER View in the rain

View in the rain - treated x untreated

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